Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Silver Linings

Pretty Strong Medicine

I typically weigh myself first thing Wednesday morning pre-run, go for a run, and then weigh myself post-run for my official weekly weigh-in. Weird? Maybe. But at least I do this every week, so I know my tracking is consistent.

Except, this morning I completely forgot to factor in my client meeting, and that I had to get to work early. Meaning when I got up for my run, I had to blow it off because I didn't have the time. UGH. Which also meant disrupting my weigh-in routine. DOUBLE UGH!

Anyway, pre-run weigh-in was 185.8. Which would mean only a .2 loss from last week (when I had weighed in this weekend at 182.5). Welp, I was willing to let myself cheat my weigh-in on my WW app (which I have never done before), because I knew this number was higher than what post-run would've been. So I cheated it down to 184.8, which seemed like a good compromise to me, because my post run weight is usually ~2lbs less than pre-run.

I felt guilty about skipping my run all day. As in, I was SO annoyed with myself for not allowing enough time this morning. And that annoyance festered. And I whined. Because I didn't plan on taking two days off from running in a row. Especially not so early in the week. And now I wouldn't get in 5 runs unless I ran every day from Wednesday-Saturday. And on and on and on.

Sidenote: Who am I? I almost sound like someone who enjoys running.

Wouldn't ya know: we got out of work a smidge early today due to a huge storm that was forecasted to hit Chicago. I got home around 5:15 and checked just to see if there was a chance I could run before the storm. And guess what? Only 5% chance of rain until 7pm. So I managed to get ready in record time and I pounded out 3 miles, when I was only planning on getting in 2. Take that, weather forecast! 

And, because I'm a creature of habit, I stepped on the scale as soon as I walked inside:

Previous Weight: 186 
Current Weight: 184.8
Change: -1.2

How about that?! A pretty satisfying end to a frustrating day.

Until Weight Watchers was a cruel mistress and took away one of my daily points. *Sigh* Can't win 'em all.

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