Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life Lately

First, an update to explain my absence, as of late: I was laid off on Monday, along with about a third of my company. Yeah, it was a pretty rough situation, but honestly, I also kindof feel like a weight was lifted off my chest. I've been exceedingly frustrated with my workplace for awhile now, and while I would've rather left on my terms, I'm not at all worried about where I'll end up. In fact, I'm positive I (and my boss and friends who were also a part of the cuts) will be better off for it. 

Plus, I'm going to the freakin' beach tomorrow because that's what you do when you suddenly have entire days free. 

Pretty Strong Medicine

In other news, I'm linking up with the new WIW crew: Heather, Ashley, Bailey, and Amy.

So after last week's missed morning run snafu, here's where we're at:

Previous Weight: 184.8 
Current Weight: 181
Change: -3.8

And THAT, ladies and gents, makes this a very happy Weigh In Wednesday, indeed. 

I'm also not letting some nonsense like being unemployed keep me from training for my half marathon, although I won't have the extra $$ to sign up in the immediate future. So, I started the training plan, as scheduled, yesterday, and plan to keep it up until I either a) have the money to sign up or b) run the damn thing myself on September 8th as scheduled. That's commitment.

As I thought, Map My Run was lying on my distances/paces. Therefore,
this is how I feel when I run 3 miles later in the morning when it's hotter than normal.

Also, I'm so close to 50lbs lost, I can taste it. I will get there by next week.

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  1. Congrats on the loss. Sounds like you have a great attitude about the lay off situation. A positive attitude can make a huge differenace in how we handle life's struggles. Best wishes.