Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

I missed the buck on Monday's usual goal-setting because unfortunately I was stuck at work until 7pm. ALAS, even though I didn't get to do the link-up, I still want to be accountable for last week's goals:

1) Eat more salad.

And I did! I bought another big bag of lettuce and all the fixins' for some bigass salads. Because if I'm gonna eat a salad, it better at least be giant and substantial. Not only that, but I've really be making it a priority to eat fruits and veggies for snacks almost all of the time. I bought a TON of fruits and veggies the past two weeks, and have been eating almost exclusively fruits and veggies as my snacks. Pre-WW Carolyn never would've thought that a snack of—GASP—an apple could be satisfying, but post-WW Carolyn reports that, indeed, it can be. Granted, sometimes I would really rather have an entire freakin' bag of Fritos (seriously, I've been jonesin' for Fritos lately... get at me), but by having low (or no!) point snacks, I can reserve my daily allowance for larger meals, even though I'm eating just as often. Win!

2) Work out 4-5 times.

Guys. Every time I give myself a range of times I want to workout, it's because I'm convinced that I'll only hit the bottom part of that range. And every week I Jedi-mind trick myself into hitting the max workouts I wanted to hit. It's weird gypsy magic, but I'm sticking with it. Here was what I did last week:

MON - OFF (recovery from cinco de miler) + plank + pushups
TUE - 3 mile run + plank
WED - 4 mile run + pushups + plank
THUR - OFF + plank
FRI - 3 mile run + pushups + plank
SAT - 5 mile run + plank
SUN - 2 mile run + arm workout
TOTAL MILEAGE: 17 miles!

This is definitely the most mileage I've hit in a week... probably since I ran track my freshman year of high school. I'm hoping to keep up a solid base mileage in this range as I think about mayyyybe signing up for a half marathon this fall. EEK.

Also, it's Tuesday and my arms are STILL dying from Sunday's arm workout. I want to start toning my arms to avoid the dreaded underarm flab as I continue to lose weight. This workout, using my roommate's 8lb weights was definitely more of a challenge than I anticipated. I did the whole workout, except the wrist/forearm exercises, because I've broken and/or had surgery on both wrists, so sometimes these types of things put strain on my past injuries. Plus, I'm more concerned about biceps and triceps than forearms anyway.

Lastly, it's Transformation Tuesday.

L: 228 lbs (Oct 2012), R: 191 lbs (May 2013)

Lately, I've been drawing more and more confidence and inspiration from my own journey up until this point, as well as from the lovely ladies in Jess' 10 Week Challenge group. The other people in this group truly run the gambit in terms of where they are in their journeys, but every single day I enjoy celebrating (and am motivated by) their successes. It's such a supportive environment, and I think it's helping me really kick my booty in gear these past few weeks.

On the phone the other day, my mom asked me if I ever thought I'd lose this much weight, and truly the answer is no. In my mind, I had "tried" dieting before, to no avail beyond a short-lived 10-15 lb loss. It's not that I imagined I'd be at my highest weight forever, it's that I never allowed myself to truly think that it was possible that I would hit numbers I haven't seen on the scale in years.

Today marks my 6-month anniversary of WW, and, coincidentally, I hit my half-way mark in terms of overall pounds lost just this morning (39 of 78 lbs). While my official weigh-in isn't until tomorrow, I hit 189 lbs this morning, my lowest weight in about four years, and a huge victory as I close in on the 40lbs lost mark. I've been getting great feedback from family and friends, but the biggest milestone for me right now is knowing that I did this. It's certainly still a work in progress, but I'm a helluva lot closer than I was 6 months ago.


  1. This is so awesome!!!! You look amazing. I love your dress by the way :) I like what you said about not thinking you'd lose that much. I lost a bunch of weight a few years ago. Something I didnt think would happen. It was something that kind of just happened. Although I was exercising and eating ok it wasnt something weighing heavily on my goal list. Not because I dont want to be healthy but jsut because I hadnt thought about it. Like you, I tried to be on diets but the whole eating right/exercising combo didnt work to well. I'm working hard on that path again now. And have lost a few pounds. I love that you set a workout range, I do too. I always tell myself that I can only do the minimum but then push myself that much more to go over. It always works great!I would love to do a marathon....bucket list :)