Thursday, May 2, 2013

Little Victories


Celebrating the [ALMOST] end of the week by joining Lex and KTJ's NSV Linkup!

Hmm, it's been a weird week, so I didn't think as much about NSVs as I usually do. So, this will be a bulleted stream of consciousness:
  • If I pose in the mirror like the incredible hulk, I can start to see inklings of my collar bones. Who knew those bad boys even existed? I didn't realize they weren't there until suddenly they kindof were. I'll spare ya a photo until they're actually visible.
  • Uh, I ran six freaking miles on Sunday. Done and done.
  • I actually started doing a push-up and plank regimen this week. I've been meaning to add more strength training to my schedule, because I know cardio won't get me to the finish line on its own. So, I'm using THIS pushups app and doing this plank workout to start to start toning:
Let me know if you're going to join me! Also, I just noticed the days aren't
correctly matched with the number dates, but just go by the numbers!
  • I won a copy of "The Handmaid's Tale" from the lovely Kate at The Widgeon Nest! I'd been meaning to read the book for awhile since having heard Caitlyn (Healthy Tipping Point) talk about it, and now I finally will!
  • A Story: I went for a run last week and planned to end right by my grocery store to kill two birds with one stone. I hit the 3 mile mark and stopped just as a man (probably a little younger than my dad's age) entered the parking lot on his bike and stopped to lock it up on a fence right next to me. I'm huffing and puffing and sweating and tomato-faced (per usual), and he says hi. I say "hi, how are you?" to which he replied, "Better, now that I saw you." Soooo, maybe it was a tiny bit creepy, but it just made me smile because I felt about peak post-workout grossness at that very moment. 

And tonight after work I'm doing something I've never ever done in my adult life before... which will definitely be an NSV next week. Yes, I'm leaving you in suspense, and no, it's not as scandalous as it sounds. ;)

What were your NSVs this week?


  1. haha that is funny that you mention that because I was just bragging to my sister about how when I breathe deep I can see all of my neck muscles that I haven't seen in years. She thought I was crazy! Great NSV

  2. I love the plank challenge! I've never done it or heard of it. But I like it on paper. :) Good luck!

  3. Great NSVs! It feels so great when you can see the differences in the mirror! Thanks for linking up and sharing them all!

  4. Those are some awesome NSVs! Creeper or not it's cute that he said that!!

  5. I need to learn more about planks.

    I had to giggle at the creeper thing. It was nice of him to say though, totally flattering!