Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finish the Sentence and NSVs

In addition to my NSVs (which are below), I'm linking with with Holly and Jake for this week's Finish the Sentence linkup...


Unlike my siblings (that I love very much)... I remembered that Sunday is Mother's Day. Thank God my mom had one daughter.

My best friend says... that I am 100% predictable. Valid.

People call me... Pooh, Queen Pooh, Pooh Magoo, Snirt, Snirtlyn T, Snirtlyn Therese, Jugs, Carol, Care, Carebear, CB. Would you like me to continue?

I most often dream... that I'm in a really messed up situation and running/hiding for my life. Freud would have a field day with that ish.

The best part of my day... is usually dinner and veg-out time after work. 

I really don't understand... why I am physically incapable of making it through an entire tube of chapstick without losing it and/or accidentally putting it through the wash.

I get really annoyed... when people on the train sit in the aisle seat and leave the window seat open, and then give me the stinkeye when I ask them if I can please sit there.

There's nothing like a... city beer garden on a summer night.

Lately, I can't get enough... string cheese. If eating string cheese multiple times a day is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

One thing I am NOT is... poker-faced. My face always gives away how I really feel. I may or may not have been called out for this in a meeting at work today. 
"I'm not making a face. I swear."
I spent too much money on... clothes and shoes last month. And the month before. And probably the month before that, too.

I want to learn.... Spanish fluently. I've taken many years of lessons, but not consistently enough to be fluent.

If I ever met Jake in real life , I would... high five him for his appreciation for good grammar.

I can't stop... watching Lockup: Raw on Saturday nights. I think I was destined to be a criminal psychologist in another life. 

Never have I ever... seen a James Bond movie. Nope, not even one.

Reese Witherspoon... is just BEYOND.



I'm excited to be linking up with Lex and KTJ for this week's NSV linkup! I've been sitting on these bad boy NSVs since last weekend.

  1. I tried on a dress I've been lusting after at LOFT and the 14 was too big. I generally wear one dress size larger than my pants size to accommodate the girls, so that fact that I needed a 12 was so exciting! ... except that they didn't have a 12 in the store. Or in the other LOFT near my apartment. So I will never know if that dress actually fits. CAN'T WIN 'EM ALL.
    Trying to hold the extra fabric on the side to see
    what it'd look like in a smaller size. No dice.
  2. I have had an issue in the past with Forever 21, because there's a pretty big discrepancy between their plus sizing and their regular sizing (please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this!). I would be swimming in their smallest plus size top (this from a girl with a pretty large chest), but not even close to fitting into a regular large. Anyway, I went to a Forever 21 that didn't have a plus size section with my roommate last weekend, and I grabbed a bunch of clothes to try on, knowing I'd either walk out of the fitting room really excited, or really frustrated. To my surprise, every single thing in a large (with the exception of one teeny tiny miniskirt) fit me perfectly! I haven't bought a regular large from Forever 21 in probably at least 3-4 years. It was awesome. 
  3. I've gotten so much better at drinking water lately! I got this handy little tumbler with a lid and straw (Walmart for $3 holla), and it holds 24oz, so I just know that each day I need to fill it up 4 times, and anything else I drink at home before/after work is extra. BOOM.
  4. Completely unrelated to anything fitness or healthiness, a really cute stranger held his umbrella for me when I exited the train and was walking toward the covered platform. D'awww. Cute stranger, you made my day.

What were your NSVs this week?

PS- That teaser last week about doing something I had never done before in my adult life? Yeah, I was really excited to join this spankin' new (really cheap!) gym near my apartment. Too bad I went to take the tour, only to learn that the gym wasn't opening for at least 90 more days. Needless to say, I'm still gym-less. Boo.


  1. This post is so fun!!! Its fun getting to know other bloggers :) First off, your gorgeous.

    1) I'm totally predictable too. Its kind of creepy actually

    2) I love that people call you Pooh or something similar. I love nicknames

    3) I dream the same things...I hate it

    4) That dress looks so good. I always get sad when they dont have my size and I cant find it anywhere else. Oh well..maybe a better one will come along!

    5) I agree 100% on Forever 21. I'm kind of like you and am also big in the chest. I'm kind of in the middle so its either a hit or miss.

    1. Aw shucks-- thank you! Grrrr about Forever 21-- it can be such a lose-lose situation! But because my shopping habit far exceeds my shopping budget, "Forever 21, I just can't quit you." :)

    2. My shopping habit is at Kohls. While I do like Forever 21 and a few others, but Kohls...well, like you said...I cant quit you. I can go in there and try 20 tops on and not come out with a single thing. Until last year I was still going to the junior section. It may of not fit perfect but it fit to the point I didnt have to worry. Now I've switched to Mrs. Well, I drown in those outfits. My goodness. But I cant go back to juniors because they seem to be making tops smaller and smaller these days. Is it just me that thinks that?

  2. These are awesome nsvs! Congrats on a smaller size! Woohoo!