Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco De Miler

Happy Cinco de Mayo! This morning I had Chicago's Cinco de Miler, aka my first ever 5-mile race (and Chicago's only 5-mile race, or so they say). My roommate and I woke up at 7am to head over to Montrose Harbor for the race-day festivities. To be honest, I was a little nervous, for a few reasons:
  1. It was my first 5-mile race
  2. I actually trained for this race, unlike previous 5K's (3.1 miles) where I've pretty much gone in with a "hope I can do this" mentality
OH, and did I mention that my kickball team's first game was basically immediately after the race? And that it's a singles' league so I wanted to at least look like I wasn't on the brink of death when I showed up? Yeahhhh.

So, I had two goals for the race, with one being semi-lofty and the other being reasonable. My lofty goal was to finish in <55 minutes (<11 minute miles), and my realistic goal was to finish in <60 minutes (12 minute miles). According to Map My Run, my longest ever run was last weekend when I did 6 miles at an 11:18 pace, so I figured, realistically, I'd finish somewhere between the two.  

Annnnnnnd, here's the official result:

I finished in 57:22, meaning that I averaged a hair under an 11:30 min/mile pace. AND, I didn't even walk once (which was a major mental goal for me)! 

A few thoughts about the race:
  • Our corrals were paced about 3 minutes apart. Meaning, at corral H, I had to wait over 20 minutes from the race start until my actual start time. This meant I wasn't as loose, because I stretched before I entered my corral around 9:05am. Next time I'll wait to stretch until entering my corral.
  • Because the corrals were so spaced out that there wasn't much congestion, even on narrow paths, which was really nice!
  • I spent the entire first mile convincing myself that there was NO way I'd be able to run the whole race. Our first mile was basically though a parking lot, so it was a strange place to start. That, combined with some initial tightness, threw me off.
  • Map My Run appears to be off by about .1 mile per mile of running, so it was off by an entire half mile by the end of the race. That was disconcerting because MMR was telling me that I was at 5 miles, and I couldn't even see the finish chute yet.
  • The route was beautiful! We went through the park that surrounds Montrose Harbor, as well as right along the lakeshore, which gave us some great views! It was definitely pretty sunny at points though, which I could feel draining me.
  • The route wasn't HILLY, but there were some inclines. I'm a wimp when it comes to any elevation changes because I have the luxury of running on a completely (100%) flat route near my apartment... perks of living in a really flat city. There were also some points where we ran on sand paths, which I wasn't expecting. 
All in all, I'm so glad I did this race. Even for all the points where it was hard, and where I thought I wouldn't be able to run the entire course, it was worth it in the end. I finished within my realistic goal, and my friends finished within their goals too!

Bonus: look at this comparison from my first 5K (The Color Run in October 2012), my second 5K (Santa Hustle in December 2012) and now (May 2013). There's a 35lb different between these first and last photos: 

If that's not motivation to keep running, I don't know what is.

PS- We won our kickball game 12-0

PPS - I'm extremely sunburned. WHOOPS.

Did you accomplish any goals this weekend? 

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  1. I can see a HUGE difference in your photos!! You look GREAT! Keep up the great work :)