Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Boom Goes the Dynamite

Weigh-in Wednesday time!


I hit 188 last Thursday (marking the 40lbs lost threshold, which meant I treated myself to a mani last weekend). But after overindulging a bit all weekend for my birthday, I was pretty convinced there was no freakin' way I'd hit my Dietbet goal of 188.5. In fact, I weighed in the last two two days at 190-191ish. Woke up this morning and weighed in pre-run at 190.6. Basically, I needed a miracle and to cash in on some karma points.

So let's talk about my run. It was a 50% chance of raining all morning, but I thought God smiled upon me and put the rain on pause so I could get my booty outta bed at 5:45am (earlier than usual, because I had a conference this morning). HOW WRONG I WAS. I'm just under halfway done with my 3 miles and boom, it's suddenly down-pouring. We're talking big fat elephant tear raindrops. 

Welp. I was already out and close enough to my half-way point that I decided I might as well keep going. So I took a minute to stuff my arm band and iPhone into my waistband, tied the drawstring tight, and kept moving. It was a little awkward, my face felt like it was melting, and my shoes were squishing every step. But I did the damn thing.

Wouldn't you know that I came home, hopped on the scale, and weighed in:

Previous Weight: 189.6
Current Weight: 187.8
Change: -1.8

Boom goes the dynamite. 

Weigh-in success and sweet sweet Dietbet victory is mine. And, with less than 10lbs to go, my 10-Week Challenge Goal (179) is in my crosshairs. 

Now crossing my fingers for a good Dietbet payday! The mall is calling my name...


  1. Way to go!! That is fantastic!
    - Alexis from

  2. That is wonderful!!! good for you to keep pushing. I've never run int he rain so I probably would of doubted the whole thing! Awesome :)