Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weighin' In

It's my favorite day of the week!

Just kidding. It's only Wednesday.


Soooo after Easter I gained 2.6 lbs because I ate like chocolate-covered jellybeans were going extinct. But with a DietBet and the 30lbs lost mark on the line, I tried to get my life back together this past week. And... did pretty well! I'm staying under the two hundo mark for good.

Previous Weight: 200.6
Current Weight: 198.6
Change: -2.0

Remind me not to gorge on Mexican food at Uncle Julios the night before a weigh in. While I kept it locked up more than I would've pre-WW, I probably didn't need to single-handedly polish off 3/4 of a basket of chips. On the plus side, leftovers (which rarely existed pre-WW days) made the perfect post-run dinner tonight. 

BTW I RAN 5 MILES TONIGHT... AGAIN! I had to prove to myself that last week's run wasn't a fluke. Also I'm running a 5 miler in less than a month. Also I'm going on a trip to Madison this weekend that I know will involve numerous adult beverages. So, planning ahead. (And 53 minutes of running is 12 activity points-- FTW!)

In other news, is there anything more satisfying than when a Pinterest idea turns out as advertised? I THINK NOT.

Buenos noches, Fitnasty friends!

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