Thursday, April 4, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Nobody told me that if I ate non-stop chocolate covered jelly beans over my mini-vacation that I'd come back 2lbs heavier.
Previous Weight: 198
Current Weight: 200.6
Change: +2.6

On the plus side, I took the plunge and joined Lex and KTJ's DietBet (you can still join if you're interested!). If you're unfamiliar, DietBet is a 4 week challenge where participants pay the entry fee (usually $15-50) and then have to lose 4% of their body weight in 4 weeks. Whoever wins splits the pot! So now I have to put my money where my mouth is... instead of chocolate covered jelly beans.

So, while the weigh-in was an (expected) disappointment, there is still good news to report: I had the best run of my life this evening. No, I don't normally love running. Like, not even a little bit. 

The run: I was supposed to go this morning but I decided I'd rather snooze. Post-weigh-in I realized that the snoozing was a bad decision, so I mentally committed to running after work (which I never do). Up until this point, I had always thought "runner's high" was a ridiculous concept dreamed up by crazy runners to justify their torture method of choice. I WAS WRONG Y'ALL. 

... Sorry for the y'all. I don't know what came over me.

Anyway, about 2 miles in, I can't really describe it other than saying I just felt like I completely hit my stride. I wasn't focusing on my legs, my breathing, how much longer I had left, my cold fingers. Instead, I just felt like I was cruising! Except my foot fell asleep for a mile and a half. Sidenote: Why does that happen? But I just kept running, and since I felt good I went 2 miles farther than I'd planned.

I ended up knocking out 5 miles in just shy of 50 minutes. I'm convinced that Map My Run might be lying to me, but the map it traced looks accurate! Has anyone used MMR? Is it accurate or is it lying to me?

Either way, my hatred of running has decreased just a smidge... and you better believe that's progress.

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