Wednesday, April 17, 2013



YOU GUYS. Last night was full of temptations. I went out to trivia with my friends for the first time in weeks, and this place has freakin' awesome cheeseburgers. Now, in my prior life before WW, I would never have classified myself as a cheeseburger fanatic. But since starting WW, cheeseburgers have been my biggest craving. Why? Who knows. Back to the story: we went to trivia and I, Carolyn, ordered a salad and did not drink any adult beverages. I worked pretty dang hard last week, and was NOT about to undo a week of work with a moment of weakness. The result?

Previous Weight: 198.6
Current Weight: 194.8
Change: -3.8


I know. WW gets snooty when you lose too quickly.
Stop trying to sour my victory, WW.

I had hit my all-time highest number of APs earned last week, and, even with a weekend in Madison, managed to only use up ONE activity point (I did eat/drink all my weeklies though, I pretty much always d0). So now the goal is to keep this momentum going. I obviously know I won't always (or even often) experience losses this large, but I feel like I've been working really hard with my running lately, so it's nice to see the payoff on the scale.

So, now's the time that I divulge my (now) not-so-secret goal of hitting 188 by my 24th birthday, which is exactly one month away. Why 188? First of all, it's below my lowest weight senior year of college (189). Secondly, 188 marks exact 40 lbs lost. THAT IS A LOT OF EL BEES. Thirdly, 39 lbs lost is the halfway point in my weight loss journey, and I'm very excited to hit that milestone. 

Wish me luck!

How was your weekly weigh-in?

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  1. Awesome job this week!