Thursday, April 11, 2013

NSV Thursday

It's NSV Thursday with KTJ and Lex

I have to say, I quite enjoy Thursdays A) because that means it's almost Friday and almost the weekend and B) because even if I had a rough weigh-in yesterday, I can still try to find something positive to focus on instead.


My NSV is from yesterday. Let me paint you a picture: It's Wednesday afternoon. I already know I'm at my ugliest Wednesday afternoon at 3:30pm because Jezebel says so and therefore it must be true. It had already been a long and stress-filled week with numerous big projects on the horizon and a lot of internal projects also on my plate. The day ended on a very frustrating note, which kept me in the office later than expected for reasons I won't go into. I wanted to go home. I wanted to go home, sit on the couch, order really fattening delicious food off of GrubHub, watch TV, and go to bed.

Instead, as I walked home and it was already dark out, I repeated to myself over and over again: "I won't let a bad day at work keep me from my workout. I won't let a bad day at work keep my from my workout," the whole way home. I wanted to blow off my run. I wanted to lay in my bed and wallow in my frustration and cry.

But I didn't.

I got home, charged my phone, changed, and got outside. And wouldn't you know, I made myself pound out five miles.

Was it easy? NOPE.

Did I want to stop a few times? YES.

But did I feel a million times better when I was done? HELL YES.

And that's enough to keep me going.

What are your NSVs this week?


  1. Woo hoo! Great job and great NSV!

  2. Great job! Hope you had a better day today!

    1. Thank you! Cheers to not letting work day annoyances derail healthy journeys :)

  3. Yay! I had a few days like that this week! Found your blog from the link up. I have to try to remember how good it feels when I am done on days I don't feel like doing it. I am trying to figure out what exactly motivates me so I can use these things.
    Blogging has helped!
    Good luck and great job!

    1. Thank you so much-- blogging has definitely helped with the accountability (and support system) aspect, and for that I'm very thankful!

  4. That is a great NSV for this week! You are awesome!

  5. Great one. I have many times when I feel like I don't want to workout. Congrats on your victory this week.


    1. Thank you! Now I just have to make this attitude a habit-- that's my next step :)