Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Goal-Setting

In an effort to start my week off on the right foot, I'm joining Jess' (at Operation Skinny Jeans) Monday link-up to discuss this week's goals.

Operation Skinny Jeans

I was a miserable shell of a human being last week, but damnit I still made myself work out and eat semi-healthy. I know I'm in for a busy week at work, so I'm hoping that at least having some goals will keep me on track from a health perspective. 

1) Drink more water.

I often struggle to get the required 100ish ounces of water each day. That means filling the water bottle on my desk five times. As much as I don't enjoy peeing every 18 minutes, I think water will hopefully help curb my desire to snack, so, that's a target for improvement this week.

2) Run 3-4 times.

I managed to get four runs in last week, which I was really happy with! (Initially I didn't think I'd run on Sunday due to being in recovery mode from my Madison weekend, but I did it). With my parents coming in town this weekend, I know that there's potential for a lot of unhealthy food in my future. I stepped on the scale this morning and saw my lowest number on this journey to date, so, if I want to keep losing, running needs to happen.

3) Attitude Adjustment.

I don't get into bad mood funks that often, but when I do, they're hard to break out of. Instead of being defeatist all week, I'm trying to keep things in perspective. I'm a really lucky girl to be living in the city I love, with a job in my field, and an amazing group of friends. With that in mind, this is my mantra for the week:

What are your goals for the week?


  1. I totally feel you on the peeing every 18 minutes thing. I feel like I have to pee all.the.time. But I will tell you 100% that drinking water curbs hunger for me. I got into this habit that has made a huge difference in my hunger patterns. When I feel hungry, I drink 8oz (ish) of water, then wait 15 minutes. If I am still thinking about eating, I will eat something. But 99% of the time, I was just thirsty/ the water satisfied me. I also try to drink water after I eat carbs (like I eat toast for breakfast) which makes me feel fuller. :D

    Good luck this week! Thanks for linking up with me!


    Operation Skinny Jeans

  2. Yes-- that's exactly what I need to start doing. It sounds so stupid, but obviously to get up to my highest weight, I am basically unable to differentiate between ACTUAL hunger and just "man I want a donut right now, I'm hungry, right..?"

    Good advice! :)

  3. Your weight loss seems to be super consistent, great job!! Just keep going.

    1. Thanks Denise! I know it's a journey, but sometimes I get antsy when I have gain weeks, UGH! Just trying to keep on truckin' to the long term result :)