Thursday, April 18, 2013


Time to linkup with Lex and KTJ for this week's NSVs. And, because Kadi challenged me to take more selfies, prepare yourself.


This week has definitely been about changes... in a good way. In the past when I've lost weight, I never really lost enough to notice any significant changes. But this time is definitely different. Here's what I'm noticing:
  • My jean jacket buttons comfortably! I've had this jacket since... maybe sophomore or junior year of high school (which I know because I wore it in my senior pictures). Well, I obviously love the damn thing, but it was starting to get pretttttty snug [read: completely un-buttonable] last fall. Now, that bad boy buttons up no problem. VICTORY!
L - sloppy freakshow baby Carolyn.
R - sloppy freakshow young adult Carolyn. 
  • My booty is smaller. I didn't realize this was something that needed to shrink so much, but it was definitely the first to go. All my jeans looked like I was walking around with a load in my pants before I bought new ones. Speaking of jeans...
  • My new "skinny" jeans are now too big! I bought them about 8 weeks ago, and they were too tight at the time, but I knew I'd keep losing so they'd fit. Now, this happens:
sorry 'bout the mess. that'll never change.

  • My waist and face are smaller. My stomach and face were the areas that really started to terrify me in pictures [and in life] pre-WW. Because suddenly it wasn't just a "oh, that's an unflattering angle" issue. It was a "oh, i really have that much chin and belly" issue. And my photoshop skills are not impressive enough to deal with that ish. Here are some side-by-sides from late last summer/fall and now:
If I have a "last straw" picture, this left one is it. I'm cringing.
So much less chin!
  • Lastly, I got to wear these babies when it was abnormally warm on Monday. It has since proceeded to rain the rest of the week. Oh, Chicago, never stop being you. 
Shoe selfies in cabs. That's a thing, right?

I have to say, I've been in a much better mood this week since making it a goal to stop being such a negative miserable person like I was last week. I think I just might trick myself into believing it ;)

What are your NSVs this week?


  1. Love love love when clothes that used to not button fit again! So fun! Congrats! Great NSVs!

    1. Thanks Kim, it definitely is! Hope you've had a good week :)


  2. Congrats on the NSV! Those are all fantastic! You can really see the changes in your face. Alexis from

    1. Thanks so much, Alexis! Hope you've had a good week and stayed out of this crazy rain we've been dealing with!!


  3. I can definitely see a difference! This was a great NSV post! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing!

  4. heck yes! we should TOTALLY do a selfie challenge! What should we do!?!
    1.) I freaking love your hair, and your shoes!
    2.) Are you on ig?
    3.) how the f do I subscribe to your blog You dont have gfc on the side!
    4>) way to go on the weight loss you look fab!

    1. 1) Thanks girl!! I just [accidentally] went much blonder than normal, but I'm starting to adjust :)

      2) Yes! @cbaumgarten. I'm not sure I follow you yet, but I will change that immediately!

      3) For real, my blog needs some work. Now that my parents' visit is over, hoping for some free time to work on it this week!

      4) THANKS LADY! Back atcha :)

  5. So much great NSV this week. Congrats on your weight loss. There really is nothing that tastes better than healthy & fit feels.